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Ros na Rún


Michelle, threatened by Andy,
hands him five thousand euro

Tuesday @ 8.30pm


Ros na Rún 23-74

Parental Rating: G

Andy is tired of waiting for Michelle to give him money and shows his true colours. Dee, although delighted to be home with her new baby, is eager for Cóilí Jackie to make himself scarce.

First Shown: 16 May

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Ros na Rún has returned to TG4 for it’s 23rd season!

Tuesday @ 8.30pm
Michelle, threatened by Andy, hands him five thousand euro. Andy however wants more and puts pressure on Michelle to get it from her bank. Michelle knowing there may be no end to Andy’s demands decides to get out of Ros na Rún. Jude, believing Briain is her deceased husband Máirtín, is fearful he will hurt her. Berni, seeing how agitated Jude is, thinks it best that Briain stay away for the night. How will Briain react?

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