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Orange Is The New Black


The celebrated US web television series is on TG4!
Tuesday @ 10.40pm


Orange Is the New Black 2-5

Parental Rating: 15A

When the prison's plumbing backs up, Gloria and Vee square off in a battle over bathrooms. Red takes up a new hobby. Piper gets some surprising news about her family.

First Shown: 14 May

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Orange Is The New Black

Orange is the New Black, a women’s prison drama with comedy that takes no prisoners. Based on the acclaimed memoir of the same name by Piper Kerman, the series follows engaged Brooklynite Piper Chapman, whose decade-old relationship with drug-runner Alex results in her arrest and year-long detention in a federal penitentiary. To pay her debt to society, Piper must trade her comfortable New York life with fiancé Larry, for an orange prison jumpsuit and a baffling prison culture where she is forced to question everything she believes about herself and the world at large. As she struggles to adjust to her new reality, she finds unexpected laughter, tears, conflict and camaraderie amidst an eccentric and outspoken group of inmates.
This week…… Season 2: Episode 6
You Also Have a Pizza:Relationships are tested as Valentine’s Day comes to the prison. Poussey questions Taystee’s alliance with Vee. Piper makes a bold proposition to Healy.

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