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Parental Rating: 15A

The band is blown apart as Sully has departed Dobhar to heaven knows where, but the other four are content to spare Aodh from his father's wrath by agreeing to take part in the Eoghan De Barra centena

First Shown: 29 Jan

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Name: Mona

Age: 16

Mona’s a delicate flower, as well as a staggeringly talented multi-instrumentalist. She’s not in the competition for the fame, the escape, the fun or the kudos. She’s in this purely for the music… and, well, for Sully. She’s been watching him from afar for the last few years. But Mona’s musical talent is only matched by her shyness. Every video she’s posted she’s intentionally hidden her face. Why all the shame? Probably something to do with her mum, Clare. She had Mona at the same age Mona is now… and that’s pretty much the age she still is maturity-wise. A shameless Gen Xer, she’s one of those Mums – you know, the “my daughter is my best friend and I’d totally smoke a joint with her” sort. Or in Mona’s signature withering terseness: bleurgh!

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