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Ar Shlí na Fírinne


The story of Irish graveyards.

A six part series that takes the haunting locale of Irish graveyards and uses the stories they hide to explore Irish history, art, society and culture. Belfast, Donegal, Galway, Cork, Dublin and Armagh all have their own tales to tell and this series explores how the many strands of history are interwoven with the lives and deaths of the ordinary people buried across our country. Death is the great equaliser. In our graveyards, nationalists rest beside unionists and superstars beside scoundrels. In them too, every twist and turn of our national story can be found as well as all the comedy and tragedy of the human experience. Presenter Séamas Mac Annaidh explores these experiences with local historians, artists, musicians and experts as he travels around Ireland from graveyard to graveyard. For each county he visits, he draws out hidden histories, unfamiliar aspects of well-known tales and moments of tragedy, courage, and humour that will come together to form a uniquely human picture of our past. This project was supported by the Northern Ireland Irish Language Broadcast Fund.

Produced by Imagine Media

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