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Anseo i lár an Ghleanna


The story of a rural village unable to survive in 21st century Ireland
Tuesday @ 8.00pm

Anseo i lár an Ghleanna

Since the foundation of our state townlands and villages all across the western seaboard have been decimated by state neglect and in turn emigration. One of these townlands is Loch Con Aortha, situated at the foot of the impressive Cnoc Mordán in Conamara. Since the 1970’s the vigour of a vibrant close knit community, and it’s ancient folk culture have vanished, now life itself is disappearing from the village to the point it seems 21st century Ireland holds no place for it in its future. In this documentary, Anseo i lár an Ghleanna, director Seán Ó Cualáin tells the plight of his village, as its inhabitants realise that they themselves cannot save the village, but perhaps they can save its heritage.

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