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2019 Deadlines

Cine4 deadline – 12th August TG4 deadline for ILBF – 2nd August ILBF deadline – 27th September, 2019
Sraith Drámaíochta do Dhaoine Óga deadline – 16th August TG4 deadline for BAI – 20th September BAI deadline – 7th November, 2019


Canada-Ireland Co-Development Incentives 2019

TG4 welcomes proposals for audio-visual projects which we can support for the upcoming BAI/CMF Canada-Ireland Co-Development Incentive and the Canada-Northern Ireland Co-Development Incentive.
We hope to encourage producers to collaborate, co-develop and eventually co-produce creative, original and ambitious projects that have the potential to reach wide international audiences while also enriching and having a national impact on TG4’s primetime schedule.
TG4 are happy to provide letters of support at application stage for successful projects we feel suit both the eligibility of the schemes and our own programming and audience needs. Submissions should be made electronically through our e-commissioning portal using a single pdf document for ideas and visuals and a single excel document for development budgets.

Deadline for submissions to TG4 is Monday 19th of August 2019 at 5pm. Closing date for applications for the BAI/CMF Co-Development Incentive is 19th September 2019 and 22nd October 2019 for the Northern Ireland Screen/CMF Co-Development Incentive.
For further information or queries regarding this TG4 call-out please contact Laura Ní Cheallaigh: / 01 4763030

Register your Company or Upload your Application

You can [ Register your Company ] and/or [ Upload your Application ] using TG4 e-commissioning from here.