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Laochra Gael


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Laochra Gael 17-1

Parental Rating: G

The acclaimed Laochra Gael returns for a 17th series and this season begins with the story of Kilkenny's Jackie Tyrell. Jackie has won 9 All Ireland titles and was recognised as one of the best defen

First Shown: 22 Feb

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Laochra Gael – Season 16

New series. Amongst the sporting legends to feature this season are:

Lar Corbett

The first episode in the new hour long series of Laochra Gael explores the immensely entertaining enigma that is Lar Corbett. Lar Corbett – a sportsman whose career was so eventful it has been compared to the Tour de France – steep climbs, rapid downhills and tricky flat stages in between. But on his day there was a no more astute and deadly hurler than Tipperary’s Lar Corbett – a player who has contributed some of the greatest hurling moments to grace the modern game.


Graham Geraghty

Talented, unorthodox, volatile, and photo-friendly – Graham Geraghty proved a larger than life godsend to the emerging tabloid culture of the 1990s and oughties. Geraghty was a controversial and outrageously gifted footballer. He was also an occasional film star, politico, publican and selector and he had an extended trial for Arsenal soccer team. Graham is now a social worker helping young people to repair their fractured lives. And Graham’s own life journey has been a roller coaster ride of vivid incident and lively anecdote.


Ashling Thompson

Documentary about Ashling Thompson – All Star Camogie player, All Ireland winning captain and one of only four Irish Red Bull sponsored athletes – as well as fashion model, passionate mental health advocate and darling of the media. This episode follows Ashling’s heroic struggle to the apex of Camogie greatness – overcoming a career-threatening injury and a life-threatening encounter with darkness and depression. This programme celebrates the mischievous, upbeat Camogie warrior that has emerged from that harrowing period of turmoil and jeopardy.


Henry Shefflin

Henry Shefflin’s painstaking apprenticeship in the sorcery of the sliotar finally saw him emerge as perhaps the greatest hurler of all time – with a matchless record of 10 All Ireland medals, and a galaxy of All Star awards. This episode exposes an intensely human side to the superhuman we all revered on the hurling pitch. Henry reveals how he was racked with self-doubt before the 2009 All Ireland final, admits he was afraid of Brian Cody, and declares that while he treasures the memory of his sporting achievements he is more proud of his wife and family than any sporting accolade.


Mickey Harte

Hailed as a tactical genius and the father of contemporary football, Tyrone Football Manager Mickey Harte has 3 All Ireland Titles and 6 Ulster Championship Titles to his credit. He is also a grief counsellor, spiritual mentor and motivational speaker. Mickey has risen above the Troubles, bitter controversy on and off the pitch, as well as intense personal tragedy – including the murder of his beloved daughter Michaela. This final episode profiles a man who remains an inspirational figure not only for Tyrone footballers and fans, but many people far beyond the 4 white lines of the pitch.

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