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Laochra Gael


Programme 1 – “Ag Tuiscint Lar Corbett”
New Series begins Wednesday @ 9.30pm

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Ag Tuiscint Lar Corbett

Laochra Gael – Season 16

New series. Amongst the sporting legends to feature this season are:

Lar Corbett – 28.02

The first episode in the new hour long series of Laochra Gael explores the immensely entertaining enigma that is Lar Corbett. Lar Corbett – a sportsman whose career was so eventful it has been compared to the Tour de France – steep climbs, rapid downhills and tricky flat stages in between. But on his day there was a no more astute and deadly hurler than Tipperary’s Lar Corbett – a player who has contributed some of the greatest hurling moments to grace the modern game.


Graham Geraghty – 07.03

Talented, unorthodox, volatile, and photo-friendly – Graham Geraghty proved a larger than life godsend to the emerging tabloid culture of the 1990s and oughties. Geraghty was a controversial and outrageously gifted footballer. He was also an occasional film star, politico, publican and selector and he had an extended trial for Arsenal soccer team. Graham is now a social worker helping young people to repair their fractured lives. And Graham’s own life journey has been a roller coaster ride of vivid incident and lively anecdote.


Ashling Thompson – 14.03

Documentary about Ashling Thompson – All Star Camogie player, All Ireland winning captain and one of only four Irish Red Bull sponsored athletes – as well as fashion model, passionate mental health advocate and darling of the media. This episode follows Ashling’s heroic struggle to the apex of Camogie greatness – overcoming a career-threatening injury and a life-threatening encounter with darkness and depression. This programme celebrates the mischievous, upbeat Camogie warrior that has emerged from that harrowing period of turmoil and jeopardy.

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